About Us

Physicians Behavioral HospitalLocated in  Shreveport Louisiana, Physicians Behavioral Hospital is a 24 bed behavioral health unit that offers both psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment in addition to extensive outpatient services through our Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program. As a pillar of our community treating psychiatric concerns since 2008, we have successfully treated and transitioned over 1500 patients back into the community. A commitment to excellence in diagnosis, treatment and education- these concepts are at the core of Physicians Behavioral Hospital’s mission. Offering the most advanced behavioral health treatments for individuals ages 18 and older, Physicians is a place where lives are turned around and hope is restored. Individuals and families are placed on a path to healing, enabling patients to lead more productive, fulfilling lives.


We assist individuals in achieving optimal mental health, their families in learning to cope with and support their loved ones in dealing with the disease process, and the community to acquire a better understanding of mental illness, its treatment, and its impact.


Help the people we serve attain a better quality of life by delivering effective, high quality care through integrated services which are responsive to individual needs.

A Higher Standard of Care

Specialized programming is a key component of the psychiatric hospital’s success. Dedicated inpatient units are designed to meet the unique needs of each population we serve. After a comprehensive evaluation to assess a patient’s needs, a multidisciplinary treatment team develops a treatment plan tailored for that patient. The treatment team is led by a psychiatrist and consists of registered nurses, licensed social workers, therapists and activity therapists, and, for dually-diagnosed patients, addiction counselors. Input from the patient and the family is also crucial to a successful outcome.