Do you accept my insurance?

Insurance policies vary greatly in what medical services will be covered, what co-payments or deposits are required, and to which hospitals you can be admitted under your insurance plan. Our admissions office will offer assistance in determining your insurance coverage. We also encourage you or your family to call your insurance company while planning your admission to determine coverage and co-payments. Individuals who plan to pay for their hospitalization without using insurance will be required to provide a monetary deposit at admission.

Do I need a doctor’s referral for admission into the inpatient unit?

No, you can refer yourself or someone else for admission. Your doctor or therapist can also refer you. We do not accept involuntary admissions, so a patient must sign her/himself into the hospital. Referrals are accepted based on medical need for inpatient care. To make a referral, please call our admissions department at 318-550-0520.

How long will I be in the hospital?

We are an acute care, or short-term hospital. The length of time you will be in the hospital is determined by your personal and individual treatment plan.

What kind of therapy will I receive?

Most therapy is provided in the form of unit structure or “milieu”, and group therapies. Group therapies are a part of your treatment, and are designed to address your individual goals. You may meet individually with a staff member to address discharge/aftercare plans.

Can I bring my own medications?

Personal medications brought to the hospital that are not approved or ordered by our psychiatrist will be recorded and secured in our pharmacy until you are discharged.

Can I smoke?

Regularly scheduled smoke breaks designated in a smoking area are a part of the program day; however, they are only available as permitted.

Can I have visitors?

Visitation hours are specific to the unit. Please contact the hospital at 318-550-0520 for more information. You must give permission for visitors to be allowed on the unit. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the unit.