Intensive Outpatient Program

Physicians Behavioral Hospital Intensive Outpatient Program offers comprehensive behavioral health treatment for those ages 18 and older who do not require 24-hour care. It is geared toward helping clients meet their behavioral health goals through the use of intensive group psychotherapy. It is a less intensive alternative to the Partial Hospitalization Program for those still needing a more concentrated treatment on a frequent basis.

Intensive outpatient therapy provides a supportive environment while teaching life enrichment skills. Participants are encouraged to practice skills learned in group as they continue everyday activities in their home and/or work environment. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) empowers clients as a supportive transitional treatment following Partial Hospitalization Program, but it is also accessible directly from the  Shreveport, Louisiana community.

Multi-disciplinary Team Approach

The IOP offers expert diagnosis and treatment for adults ages 18 and older with mood disorders such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, thought disorders including Schizophrenia, and substance use disorders. Treatment is provided by a team of licensed professionals experienced in the assessment and treatment of mental illness in adults which includes a psychiatrist, licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, and licensed practical nurses. The program is designed as a multi-disciplinary treatment approach and encompasses a variety of therapies and modalities, including individual, group, family, and psychopharmacology. The team works together to develop an individualized treatment plan for each participant based on his or her specific goals and needs.

Treatment Program

Clients attend regularly scheduled groups based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These groups focus on topics such as:

  • Coping skills and healthy boundaries
  • Increasing social awareness and socialization
  • Behavioral health education
  • Stress management and problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Relaxation skills and learning healthy ways of coping with triggers
  • Importance of medication compliance


As clients leave the program, our team assists each client to Physicians Behavioral Hospitalacquire and utilize community resources. These resources may include sessions with family, connecting a client with an individual therapist or arranging community-based mental health services.

The program is flexible and is offered five days a week Monday-Friday with most participants initially attending at least three days per week gradually decreasing attendance according to the individualized treatment plan. Early morning clients begin therapy at 8:30am and are concluded at 11:30am while afternoon clients begin at 11:45am and are concluded at 2:30pm. Transportation and lunch are provided for clients.

Who can benefit from intensive outpatient program?

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to empower those 18 and older who wish to strengthen positive coping skills that will assist them in overcoming the challenges of a behavioral health diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder or how have not had success at a lower level of care. Please contact Program Director, Allyson Harriss, LPC LMFT at (318) 550-0590 for more information or to schedule an assessment for program eligibility.