Partial Hospitalization Program

Physicians Behavioral HospitalPhysicians Behavioral Hospital Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers comprehensive behavioral health treatment for individuals ages 18 and older. It is considered a “step down” from the Inpatient Psychiatric Program, which allows the benefit of structured treatment 20 hours each week and the balance of returning home daily once treatment is complete. Individuals have the added benefit of access to a psychiatrist for medication adjustment as needed, which eliminates the waiting time often associated with scheduling outpatient psychiatrist appointments.
The PHP offers the support of staff and peers to those learning to cope with mental illness. The program is divided into several groups, based on specific diagnosis, to encourage individuals with similar challenges to share their experiences in a therapeutic group environment. Once enrolled, individuals are also assigned a treatment team to assist in meeting specific needs. The PHP enrolls individuals recently discharged from an inpatient psychiatric setting, and it is also available to those clients enrolled in the Intensive Outpatient Program who may need additional structure. In addition, clients may enter the program through direct referral by a mental health professional in the community.

Multi-disciplinary Team Approach

The PHP offers expert diagnosis and treatment for adults ages 18 and older with mood disorders such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, thought disorders including Schizophrenia, and substance use disorders. Treatment is provided by a team of licensed professionals experienced in the assessment and treatment of mental illness in adults which includes a Physicians Behavioral Hospitalpsychiatrist, social workers, licensed professional counselors, and licensed practical nurses. The program is designed as a multi-disciplinary treatment approach and encompasses a variety of therapies and modalities, including individual, group, family, and psychopharmacology. The team works together to develop an individualized treatment plan for each participant based on his or her specific goals and needs.

Treatment Program

Clients attend regularly scheduled groups in Shreveport Louisiana based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These groups focus on topics such as:
• Coping skills and healthy boundaries
• Increasing social awareness and socialization
• Behavioral health education
• Stress management and problem-solving skills
• Effective communication skills
• Relaxation skills and learning healthy ways of coping with triggers
• Importance of medication compliance

Individuals attend PHP sessions five to six days a week (Saturday is optional). The program operates Monday through Saturday from 9:15 am to 1:55 pm. Transportation and lunch is provided daily. Individuals who make progress in treatment and successfully meet objectives may choose to continue their treatment at the Intensive Outpatient Program level. This is an excellent option for those who appreciate the structure of group therapy and want continued support as they reestablish healthy lifestyle routines.

Who can benefit from the Partial Hospitalization Program?

The Partial Hospitalization Program is designed to address the mental health needs of adults 18 and over, while minimizing the need for more acute care in an inpatient setting. It is a viable option to those who have endured repeat inpatient hospitalization due to inadequate support and lack of coping skills. This program strives to break the cycle associated with mental illness and encourage successful outcomes through encouraging medication compliance, reframing unhealthy thought processes, and facilitating long-term goal setting. Please contact Program Director Angela Bowman White, LMSW at (318) 220-8419 ext.517 for more information or to schedule an assessment for program eligibility.